Katie Piper parties at V Festival just two days after nose operation

Burns survivor Katie enjoyed a sunny day at V Festival this Saturday (21 August) in Hylands Park, 
Chelmsford, and you'd never guess that just 48 hours before she'd been in surgery.
Wearing a cute lacy bra top teamed with black denim cut-offs, Katie can be seen giving the camera a coy smile as she holds a glass of something which looks rather delicious!

Alongside the sun-drenched photo, she simply told fans she was "chilling in #VMLouderLounge #VFest".

One fan told Katie: "I can't believe how much you do so soon after surgery. Take care and have fun!"

Another admired how "confident" Katie is, while one follower said: "Beautiful lady so brave to go out with ur nose things #blessya."
Katie Piper has operation on her nostrils, 20 August 2015
© Instagram / katiepiper_

On Thursday, mum-of-one Katie had endured an operation on her nostrils. Ouch!

Sharing before and after shots of her nose, Katie told her Instagram followers: "I had surgery today on the inside of my nose to try help me to start breathing through my nose.

"First photo was taken last night and my after pic just now in my hospital bed by my official escort/boyfriend!

"I've had a skin graft taken from bum my cheek and grafted inside both of my nostrils to hopefully support and open my airwaves. Looking forward to taking some deep breaths soon."

Katie Piper gets her hair 'tamed' before filming her new show Extraordinary Births, 21 August 2015
© Instagram / katiepiper_

Katie even joked: "Boyf says I sound like a baby lion when I try now so early days at the moment!!"

Hampshire-born Katie, also a bestselling author, has undergone hundreds of operations since a spurned lover arranged for acid to be thrown in her face in 2008.

Katie Piper films her new show Extraordinary Births, 21 August 2015
© Instagram / katiepiper_

Since then, she's become a leading campaigner and inspirational figure to many.

She will soon be on our screens again presenting her new TV show, Katie Pipers' Extraordinary Births, which airs on 2 September at 10pm on C4.

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